Why do I need to keep my contact details up to date?

In important matters, we need to reach you quickly and identify you with certainty. Therefore, up-to-date contact data from you are necessary. In addition, we are legally obliged to identify our customers and to keep the associated data up to date.

This is a prerequisite for you to be able to use your Leondrino wallet and for us to be able to manage your token accounts for you.

That’s why we ask you to regularly check the data in your Leondrino profile and keep it up to date.

Has your address, phone number, or other data changed?
Then please update them immediately in your Leondrino Wallet via the menu item Settings > User data.

Depending on which data you update, you may be asked to perform a KYC check again. If this is the case, please simply follow the instructions and provide the requested data or documents. You can find out which ones that can be in this article on our help center pages.