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Digital Currencies of Brands

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Quotes About Leondrino

The Leondrino platform makes digital currencies of brands accessible to anyone.

Leondrino currencies are designed to become a standard for stable currencies of enterprises or corporate networks and to serve as medium of exchange for their products and services. Since our incorporation, we have been committed to Web3’s idea of establishing token-based economic cycles alongside those based on national currencies. Our goal is to make the financial system more stable, fairer, and accessible to everyone.

We connect users and brands to digital currencies.

Join the Leondrino standard for brand specific currencies

Financial Revolution

When brands issue currencies, it introduces opportunities for next-generation payments, banking, and investing into next innovation cycle.

The Best of All Worlds

Leondrino maximizes the benefits of traditionally managed national currencies with the advantages of blockchain technology.​

Leondrino Launchpad

We are convinced of the competition between currencies. Our Launchpad offers a structured introduction of corporate currencies – from utility tokens to tradable stablecoins on various blockchains.

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Open a Wallet

Activate your Leondrino wallet, where you open branded token accounts and access the exchange and more features.


Get Branded Tokens

You can buy and invest in branded tokens while earning incentives for early adoption


Pay for Goods & Services

Pay for your burger, your new shoes, a ride share, or even your next flight with brand currencies and earned bonuses.

Our Services

Branded Currencies

We provide Currency Management-as-a-Service for enterprises – from initial loyalty tokens up to the issuance of fully tradable digital currencies in compliance with applicable regulations. Leondrino becomes the pathway for stablecoins of brand companies.

Wallet Interface

We provide an easy to use multi-currency wallet. Interfaces for external wallet providers and a white label solution are in preparation.

Exchange & Trade

We provide a restricted trade mode for token class C Leondrino. In addition, we are building a network that directly links your wallet seamlessly with licensed external exchanges for trading Leondrino of token classes B and A.

Our B2B Clients

We offer our Leondrino Services to startups and enterprises from various industries. Our first token-issuing customers include


Food & Hopsitality

The restaurant token LEAF
from Leaf Systems GmbH


Renewable Energies

The climate protection token EMC
from Chargepartner Network GmbH



The general sports token Sports365
from ESB Marketing Netzwerk AG