The Best Way to Pay

Experience the freedom and benefits by joining the leading innovation of digital payments with branded currencies. 

Select tokens, coins, and currencies

Purchase directly from brands

Build your brand portfolio


Digital Currencies Made Simple

Access the benefits of early adoption and start using
brand-backed currencies, all in one place. 

Simply open your wallet

Select your favorite brands 

Exchange your native currency for branded tokens 

Upcoming Features

Receive Discounts

Get unbeatable prices the more you shop with tokens of your favorite brands

Instant Payments

Experience streamlined, mobile payments across the globe

Bonus Rewards

Earn vouchers for shopping with branded tokens and by inviting your friends to join as well.

Easy Transfers

Link your wallet with your bank accounts and external exchanges seamlessly

Currency Pairs

Bypass high fees and exchange rates when trading between Leondrino and traditional currencies

Data Sharing

Take control of your data and receive compensation for the data you share with the brands

The easiest platform to explore the forefront of digital branded currencies

Build a brand portfolio using your own device, and benefit when paying with Leondrino

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