Join our Leondrino Ecosystem as a Partner

We are building an ecosystem to support digital currencies for enterprises and fast growing companies which includes an acceptance obligation of those currencies for products and services of the corresponding enterprises. To enable such competing digital currencies at the point of sale and to provide sufficient liquidity, we cooperate with reputable players in several areas such as payment, exchange, custody service (including retail banks) and IT infrastructure for our Leondrino MainNet. 

It’s not just our experience and our understanding of digital currency markets that allow us to provide our network to the needs of financial technologies for enterprises. Our partnerships with established professionals also enable us to offer the most comprehensive packages for strategic planning of the introduction of an enterprise currency, for marketing and PR, gateway to external crypto and traditional exchanges. Regulatory and legal guidance around tokenization of money are provided by lawyers that are already familiar with our Leondrino token standard. We work with each partner inside of the Leondrino Network to deliver the ultimate value to enterprises issuing and accepting digital currencies.

Partnerships & Cooperations

Strategic consulting companies, marketing and PR agencies and specialists in macro economics – they all play a major role to prepare enterprises for their digital currencies based on the Leondrino standard and to run rollout projects of such currencies successfully.

We have been integrating first applications which allow to use selected Leondrino as payment method.
We are looking for partners to make their server applications or online mobile apps ready for Leondrino:

  • Consumer apps (esp. in the context of sports and gaming)
  • Professional Traders (standard packages to manage assets)
  • Retail Banks and Wealth Managers 

Leondrino MainNet Operations Partners (Leondrino MOPs) are providing IT services to run one or many nodes of the Leondrino MainNet. Leondrino MainNet  does start as a consortium (permissioned) blockchain. 

Secondary markets that allow the listing and trade of Leondrino. We only partner with exchanges regarding the highest Leondrino Token Classes B and A.

We are looking to cooperate with reputable financial institutions from traditional retail banks to focused custody services. We respect a trustful customer relationship of retail banks and plan to offer a white label Leondrino Wallet solution.

Payment service providers advance our threshold for speed, ease-of-use at the point of sale, in online shops and in mobile apps.

You want to partner and learn more?

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Our partners work within the Leondrino Network not only to deliver fast, frictionless pay-points for users, but also to execute brand-specific monetary policies.

Our Partners

Learn about how our partnerships make the Leondrino MainNet possible.

Computop offers local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention around the world. For e-commerce, at POS and on mobile devices, retailers and service providers can choose from over 350 payment methods. Computop, a global player with locations in DE, CN, UK, USA, processes transactions for more than 16,000 retailers annually, with a combined value of USD 34 bln.

Computop provides the reliable infrastructure for payment processing for Leondrino users purchasing Leondrino within the Leondrino Wallet.

E-Comprocessing (ECP) is a UK registered Principal Acquiring Member, offering Visa and MasterCard processing services to online e-commerce merchants, processingtransactions worldwide. ECP works closely with its partners to constantly improve its offerings and keep up-to-date with the market needs and expectations. ECP’s robust connection to the Card Schemes is supported and secured by the OmniPay acquirer-processing environment. 

As Leondrino Partner E-Comprocessing is responsible for risk management of credit card payments which are processed via the global payment platform Computop Paygate.

Entertainment brands can use as a service or in their own app to add gamification, collectibles, ticketing, tokengating, vouchers and offers to their live events – or in interaction with fungible club tokens build their own loyalty system that connects the virtual and the real world. is a trademark of CHAINSTEP GmbH.

As a Leondrino partner, offers Leondrino users the opportunity to create their own NFTs (non-fungible tokens) via the Leondrino Wallet and offer them to others.