Information For Professional Traders/Investors

To get exclusive insights into attractive investment targets of the new asset class of corporate currencies, please visit Leondrino for Wealth Managers and take part in our Leondrino Webinars.

How to Invest in Leondrino Currencies

as Consumer / Retail Investor:
Register as Leondrino User and open a Leondrino Wallet. Select the Leondrino Currencies (branded tokens) you want to buy. Please follow the instructions how to buy Leondrino Currencies inside the Leondrino Wallet. Please be aware that the number of tokens per Leondrino Currency you can buy depends on your user category and on the token class (→ see also information on Leondrino Token Classes). As current example, please check out the restaurant currency LEAF (→ see If you select LEAF inside your Wallet and click on the buy button then you will be redirected to its token sale page providing the Token sale terms, available payment methods and currencies that are currently accepted for purchasing the LEAF Leondrino.

as Professional Investor  (wealth manager, family office, VC, Token or ICO Funds):
If you plan to invest bigger sums, please approach as directly using our email address or the investor contact data of the company that issues the branded Leondrino you want to invest in. You will get information material and a contract proposal for a purchasing agreement (Leondrino SAFT agreement – simple agreement on future token) and/or a contract proposal to sign a loan with the option to convert into tokens after they are available for public trade (Leondrino Convertible Note). An attractive discount is offered depending on the size and date of your commitment. 

How to Invest in the Native Token of the Leondrino Ecosystem

as Consumer / Retail Investor:
Register as Leondrino User and open a Leondrino Wallet. Maintain your user porfile and identify yourself (Leondrino KYC Check) to be allowed to use the Leondrino Platform. Select the XLEO Token (→ see and add it to your wallet. Follow the instructions to buy the XLEO Token in the Leondrino Wallet. The moment you click on buy button you are provided with the token sale terms you have to accept first, before you are redirected to the token sale page. This page displays all information about the XLEO token sale including available payment methods and accepted currencies. Please note that the number of tokens that you can purchase via the Leondrino Wallet is limited depending on your user classification and the Leondrino Token Class to which the XLEO Token belongs to.

as Professional Investor  (wealth manager, family office, VC, Token or ICO Funds):
Since February 2021, private investors and wealth managers who work for a family office, VC or token fund and want to invest larger amounts can also invest in the XLEO Token (→ see Depending on the size  and date of your committment, an attractive discount is offered. You will receive information material and a contract proposal for a purchase agreement (Leondrino SAFT agreement) and/or a contract proposal to sign a loan with the option to convert into tokens after they are available for public trade (Leondrino Convertible Note). Interested private investors or a wealth managers working for a Family Office, VC or Token Fund are invited to contact us via email to with the subject “XLEO Token” and the desired investment amount. We will then send you the information material and a corresponding contract proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leondrino is the new type of digital currency, which combines the benefits of money supply control by central banks and the technological advantages of digital currencies based on blockchain technology. Compared to other digital currencies, Leondrino are backed by the current and projected business of the respective brand via the obligation of the brand to accept its branded Leondrino for its products and services.

The money supply of each branded currency will be based on the unique monetary policy that is coordinated with the brand and clearly communicated to all those branded currency participants. It is not intended to change the fundamentals of the individual monetary policy after the Leondrino main contract between Leondrino and the related brand. With these measures, Leondrino will create currencies that

  • have limited volatility,
  • are accepted as means of payment in a brands ecosystem, and
  • can be used globally for products under a brand umbrella.
Leondrino is a standard for digital currencies of enterprises which includes rules regarding its lifecycle, its token design, its governance, and legal and tax interpretations. Moreover, Leondrino offers APIs to several services of its platform. Leondrino contributes to accepted standard-setting organizations around tokenization and constantly analyses several initiatives in this field.

All major elements that lead to a high level of trust for the Leondrino ecosystem, are described in the ‘Governance’ section under the menu item ‘Leondrino Standard’.

The legal entity behind the Leondrino licensee of the issuing brand is taking care of the issuance and administration of Leondrino during their full lifecycle – from Leondrino token class E to A. In Germany, this is Leondra GmbH. 

The Leondrino licensee is guided by the monetary policy agreed with the brand and the chapter and bylaws that are part of the contractual relationship with the brand. During the initial token sale phases, the price per token is set by the brand company and gradually increases. Tokens can’t be sold to other market participants before the start of the restricted trade (usually before the end of token class C). To avoid high volatility of the Leondrino and to protect the brand’s reputation, Leondrino will restrict the supply of additional Leondrino according to transparent rules (monetary policy).
Those rules are influenced, for instance, by

  • the number of a brand’s registered consumers
  • a brand’s IP position, past revenue, and future revenue projection
  • and the transaction volume in that currency

Leondrino is in close consultation with the appropriate regulators and institutions and will apply for all necessary licenses in the jurisdiction in which it offers its Leondrino services.

Professional investors are looking for a return on investment, i.e. a participation in the growth of a brand, without necessarily getting involved in the complex corporate structures, business models or market dynamics of a brand.
The main advantages for professional investors include:

  • a new asset class of digital currencies secured by intellectual property and licenses and backed by the current and future business of a brand.
  • solid environment for investment strategies based on a reliable monetary policy via Leondrino, applying highly transparent rules and without political influence.
  • attractive returns (especially during early involvement) and stable value measured in products and services of a brand’s ecosystem.

A branded currency – the same as fiat currencies of sovereign central banks – is subject to life cycle management. This life cycle is characterized by the power and potential of the associated brand, the strict monetary policy for the respective Leondrino, consumer acceptance, and investor interest.

Compared to Bitcoin, whose maximum quantity is absolutely limited, Leondrino is pursuing a dynamic monetary policy defined by the number of the brand’s respective consumer base, business dynamics, and transactions for the highest token class A. The goal is to minimize volatility. As part of the approach, a part of the fiat currency raised at ILO will be kept as a reserve. This reserve will be, within defined boundaries, increased or decreased automatically (based on the Leondrino algorithm). In case of strong volatility or under extreme market conditions, an intervention of the monetary board for this enterprise currency is scheduled.

If a brand ceases to exist, the associated currency will be taken from the market, once all collateral of this branded token has been liquidated, all remaining resources related to the associated currency have been returned to the holders of the related Leondrino. The delisting of a branded currency at Leondrino via a comparable process happens even if both the minimum reference value and the trading volume of this branded currency drop below a defined minimum value for extended periods.

Open your Leondrino Wallet now and select the brands you trust and want to invest in. You can already invest into Leondrino of first customers such as Leaf Systems GmbH by opening a LEAF Giro account and clicking on the “buy” button there.
See for further information and check news of their LEAF token rollout inside your Leondrino Wallet.

If you are interested to invest more money than possible via the Leondrino Wallet, then please contact us via email or give us a call. We are happy to help and to show you available options.

KYC is the abbreviation of Know Your Customer/Know Your Client. Due to anti-money laundering and counter terroris financing regulations, we are required to perform a KYC check for all Leondrino users who want to use and/or invest in branded tokens (Leondrino currencies).
The Leondrino team and the brand companies behind the Leondrino currencies need to check each investor’s identity to ensure that we comply with anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing regulations.
Depending on the token class of the token and the amount of tokens you wish to purchase as well as how you want to use the branded tokens (for paying for goods and services or as a pure investment), you must provide certain required information during your KYC check.

During a KYC Light check, you need to provide your full name and address details as well as your phone number and date of birth. You can do so by filling your data in the Leondrino Profile page of your Leondrino user account.
During a KYC ID check, you need to provide a valid government-issued ID in addition to the data requested during KYC Light check. Your government-issued ID must not be expired and must have your photograph on it.
In some cases, a KYC Video ID check may be necessary.

If you are a US citizen, you may only participate in a token sale if you provide proof of being a so-called Accredited Private Investor, as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D issued under the Securities Act of 1933. To prove this, it is sufficient to fill out the form provided in the KYC process, namely ACCREDITED INVESTOR CERTIFICATION, and sign it, let your own tax adviser confirm it and then upload this document within your Leondrino Wallet. Done.