Our vision is to enhance the stability and fairness of the financial system, making it accessible to everyone. We aim to achieve this by complementing it with competing digital currencies issued by corporations and corporate networks.
These currencies usually start as utility tokens and evolve into regulated stablecoins. Leondrino provides a pathway for corporations to issue their branded stablecoins – in Europe via EMI under MICA regulation in the future.

Leondrino - Platform for Digital Corporate Currencies

We want to build the most trustworthy ecosystem for digital corporate currencies (fungible tokens). In addition to establishing an alternative funding option for companies, we offer an intelligent way of introducing modern and efficient customer retention management: payment and loyalty grow together.

With Leondrino, we are developing a standard for corporate currencies (fungible tokens), that, through transparency, clear rules, and the use of technology, contributes to greater understanding and trust in these future currencies and enables barrier-free payments.

The founders Sandra Leonie Ritter and Peter Reuschel during their first
Interviews about Leondrino at Into Tomorrow at the IFA 2015 in Berlin

Leondrino currencies are backed by the obligation of corporations or corporate networks to accept their corresponding branded currency (fungible tokens) in exchange for their goods and services. Leondrino currencies are designed and managed as stable currencies related to the product basket of each brand. Elastic supply in combination with modern reserve management is applied for Leondrino currencies that reach the highest standard of a traded currency (token class A according to the Leondrino Lifecycle).

The German licensee of Leondrino based in Berlin (Leondra GmbH) is one of the pioneers in the field of tokenization and digital corporate currencies (fungible tokens) and offers its customers an innovative and unique ‘Currency Management-as-a-Service’; customers can issue their tokens and develop them step by step to tradable currencies.

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