Empower your brand with the standard for digital currency

  • Increase your efficiency of customer acquisition and retention

  • Finance your growth and digital transformation

  • Build a new source of data based on a fair agreement with your consumers

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Supporting brands with the best possible concept of digital currencies through the Leondrino Standard

Leondrino Payments


Present Your Brand Logo

Undisturbed User Experience at Checkout

Direct Access to Users via Leondrino ID

Transaction Data based on User Consent

Instant Payments

No Chargebacks

Minimal Payment Fees

No Exchange Fees in Leondrino Currencies

Current Crypto


No Branding

Complicated User Experience at Checkout

Anonymous Users

Anonymous Transaction Data

Quick Payments

No Chargebacks

Fluctuating Payment Fees

Substantial Exchange Fees

Traditional Payments


No Branding

Disturbed User Experience at Checkout

Indirect or Costly Access to User Data

Indirect or Costly Access to Transaction Data

Variable Payment Speeds


Variable Payment Fees

Substantial Exchange Fees

The Leondrino Network

Together with our partners, we offer our service for brands, enterprises, and established startups.

Regulation and Tax

Introduction of advisors who offer guidance on the legal and tax-related issues associated with Leondrino Token Classes.

Investor Relations

Establishment of reporting structures for digital currencies in addition to standard Investor Relations.


Business plan analysis and adaption of your chosen scenario to the Leondrino Standard.

Marketing & PR

Marketing and PR support throughout the entire Leondrino Lifecycle.


IT-Integration with CRM, eCommerce, and ERP according to your brand's positioning.​

For Analysts & Investors

Provide assessment methods based on token phase and industry, as well as exchange of experience on emerging peer groups.

Features for Brands

Benefit from integration with supporting services of the Leondrino Ecosystem.

Blueprint of Token Rollout

for Leondrino Currencies


for Token Launch and Payment Analytics

App Store

for Standard Interfaces and Domain Specific Apps


for Transaction Data Analysis

Be Part of a Strong Network of Enterprise Currencies

We provide Currency Management-as-a-Service and guidance for the full lifecycle of private branded currencies – from initial loyalty tokens for brand purchases to digital currency.

We look beyond the money. We have developed a new way to finance growth for start-ups or the digital transformation of established enterprises that is different from traditional cryptocurrencies. We support our customers not only to raise capital via their own currency, but also to increase the brand value, increase the customer loyalty and offer value beyond the currency.

With Leondrino we bring a new type of digital currency to the market. We combine the technological advantages of digital money using the core idea of blockchain with the advantages of monetary supply rules. In contrast to other digital currencies, Leondrino´s value comes out of the contractual obligation of a brand to accept it for its products and services and the elastic supply based on business and trade parameters and secured by reserves from the token issuance phase. 

Each branded Leondrino has a custom name, as chosen by each brand’s organization. Leondrino is able to issue many branded currencies, each with its own monetary policy, unique to that brand. For the “first dip”, each organization will be able to initiate new innovative campaigns using their branded currency to drive new business, reward loyal customers and incentivize new purchases. The “second dip” is achieved by using branded currency to build a brand-centered customer community, creating added value for their consumers as well as generate growth capital for their business.

The money supply of each branded currency will be based on the unique monetary policy that is coordinated with the brand organization and clearly communicated to all those participating in acquiring and transacting with that branded currency. With monetary policies uniquely established, Leondrino Exchange will create branded currencies that

  1. Have a limited volatility

  2. Retain value in relation to the brand’s value

  3. Can be used globally for products under a brand’s umbrella

The implementation of a Leondrino Currency creates a competitive advantage that can increase retention of consumers and win new customers. with the Leondrino Platform, digital currencies provide extended data collection for the brand and the consumer. Users accept the extended data collection of the brand, if they benefit from sharing their transaction data with the brand and they can be assured of privacy and the restricted usage of their data. There are expanding technological capabilities to more precisely target individual consumers and incentivize their positive behaviors.

Two-Fold Success

Capital and Growth

  • Broad access to investors globally
  • Growth capital from fans and investors via Leondrino Exchange, without issuing equity, based on an attractive, long-term loan agreement

Customer Retention

  • Tailored loyalty management based on useful consumer specific data points. Details of each purchase including frequency of purchase via branded currency is captured
  • Reinforcement of the brand value and fan / customer relationship – increasing the bond between the consumer and the brand.

Our Offer to Deploy your Brand Currency

Digital currencies are still very new and are still coming with a lot of risks and uncertainties regarding growing acceptance rate of consumers, regarding regulation and regarding interpretation of tax authorities how to handle digital currencies – especially as long as we have so many different token ideas floating the market. Moreover, not all ideas for a digital currency are big enough that they justify its own currency and not all technology stacks meet the high requirements of enterprises and of consumer adaption in the mass market.

Considering those circumstances and based on our experience with pilot customers over the last 2 years, we divided our offering in a way that a company can start with a smaller step that focusses on planning and market tests with tokens of limited functionality (Leondrino token class E and D) and decide for a full digital currency rollout with all related costs and integration into their core business later. This allows to start and test instantly without considering too much all aspects of a digital currency and leave all complex, expensive tasks to a phase when initial experience and consumer feedback was gained. Another important side aspect is, that the usually fixed price for the initial step supports fast decision making to get market feedback and a good plan asap. We provide everything you need to test and deploy your brand currency. Your consumers can even vote for your brand and start testing your branded currency as token class E (only promise) without your efforts in case there are enough support that vote for your brand.

Initial Conference Call and Workshop (optional)

During an initial conference call (usually 1 hour) our experts explain the key elements of the Leondrino standard and check if the idea for a digital currency of a prospect does make sense in the Leondrino context. In case this call is not sufficient then we also offer together with our partners workshops to discuss opportunities around the usage and advantages of a brand specific digital currency.

Planning and Test Phase

If the outcome of this initial analysis is positive, then we provide a draft of an initial Leondrino contract. This contract contains an offer for services around the preparation and initial marketing phase for the currency which includes:

  • Analysis an adaption of business plan,
  • Adaption of the token design based on the Leondrino standard including estimation of the token volume for the initial phases,
  • Support to write a whitepaper about the currency concept of the brand,
  • Preparation of rollout and marketing plan,
  • Support for a high-level definition of the monetary policy,
  • Support during test rollouts and reporting around Wallet usage during tests,
  • Templates for presales phase, airdrops, etc.

At the end of this planning and initial market test, the customers have all the relevant documents and information to start the main phase of the introduction of their digital currency.

Leondrino Rollout Phase

The Leondrino rollout phase can only start, if the Leondrino Main Contract was signed. Besides the obligation to accept the digital currency for the corresponding products and services of the brand, it contains all important rules around the lifecycle of the currency.

During the rollout, the following services are offered from Leondrino supported by its partners:

Infrastructure for tokens, wallets and users including necessary services

  • To avoid money laundry and terrorism financing
  • To apply rules of consumer protection during initial rollouts
  • Integration services with other systems and stakeholders

Token budget and token management

Services around token issuance and token distribution including

  • Airdrop services
  • Token class management

Payment interfaces

Exchange and transfer services depending on token class and user status

Listing services and services around getting access to secondary markets

Money supply (passive initially) and elastic during later phase after public listing (it means after Initial Leondrino Offering)

Reporting service

Moreover, it contains amongst other attachments:

  • The agreement on the monetary policy,
  • The agreement of the token design,
  • An agreement on the product basket that is the basis for the elastic supply management,
  • Constitutional rules around governance for strategy monetary policy.
Ongoing LifeCycle Services

After a digital currency is listed and publicly traded, Leondrino provides the necessary supply services (passive and active/elastic supply). Moreover, it manages the reserves of the Leondrino ecosystem which will also include a risk pool long-term.

Moreover, Leondrino supports exit scenarios for digital currencies.

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FAQ for Brands

Brands (and their owners) want to invest into the next growth phase, seeking a financing vehicle that will not cause them to sell equity. The big advantages for an entertainment-related brand, for example, include:

  • access to professional investors
  • growth capital from fans and investors via Leondrino Exchange, without issuing equity
  • market access in developing markets and capture of incremental clients (especially in countries with no traditional banking infrastructure but well-developed mobile telephone capabilities)
  • full control over copyright and similar brand-related rights (in connection with intellectual property)
  • advanced opportunities around loyalty management capabilities based on additional and superior client data points (especially for purchases via branded currencies)
  • reinforcement of the brand value and fan relationship

To be eligible for the issuance of Leondrino, a brand needs to display, among others,

  • a minimum number of fans
  • a minimum number of products and services that will be solely offered for purchases in Leondrino currency, as well as future commitments and services that will be used as collateral for the issuance of Leondrino
  • pricing of any products and services in Leondrino

Once a brand has fulfilled these requirements, it is eligible to have its own Leondrino issued by Leondrino Exchange. The two parties sign a Leondrino contract (including process description) to prepare and formulate the details of the Initial Leondrino Offering (ILO). The brand will be able to influence the breadth of the fan engagement during the issuance and be able to influence the distribution and investor structure.


A branded currency -same as fiat currencies of sovereign central banks- is subject to life cycle management. This life cycle is characterized by the power and potential of the associated brand, the strict monetary policy for the respective Leondrino, the consumer acceptance and investor interest.
Compared to BitCoin, whose maximum quantity is absolute limited, Leondrino is pursuing a dynamic monetary policy defined by the number of the brand’s respective consumer base, business dynamics and transactions. The goal is to minimize unwelcome volatility.

As part of the approach, a part of the fiat currency raised at ILO will be kept as a reserve. This reserve will be, within defined boundaries, increased or decreased automatically (based on the Leondrino algorithm). In case of strong volatility, an intervention of designated market experts is scheduled.
If a brand ceases to exist, the associated currency will be taken from the market, once all collateral has been liquidated, all fiat currency reserves have been returned to the Leondrino holders. The delisting of a branded currency at Leondrino Exchange via a comparable process happens even if both the reference value to the fiat currency US Dollar and the trading volume of this branded currency drop below a defined minimum value for extended periods.