Investor Relations

Investing in Leondrino Currencies

For consumers and retail investors (that don´t qualify as accredited investors):
Register as Leondrino User and open a Leondrino Wallet. Select the Leondrino Currencies (branded tokens) you want to buy. Please follow the instructions how to buy Leondrino Currencies inside the Leondrino Wallet. Please be aware that the number of tokens per Leondrino Currency you can buy depends on your user category and on the token class (→ see also information on Leondrino Token Classes). As current example, please check out the restaurant currency LEAF (→ see If you select LEAF inside your Wallet and click on the buy button then you will be redirected to its token sale page providing available payment methods and currencies that are currently accepted for purchasing the LEAF Leondrino. You can also check out the climate protection token EMC or our bridge and reserve currency called XLEO.

For professional investors, wealth managers, family offices, VC, Token or ICO Funds:
If you plan to invest bigger sums, please approach as directly using our email address or the investor contact data of the company that issues the Leondrino you want to invest in. You will get information material and a contract proposal for a purchasing agreement (SAFT – simple agreement on future token) and/or a contract proposal to sign a loan with the option to convert into token after they are available for public trade (also called Leondrino convertible). An attractive discount is offered depending on the size and date of your committment. 

Investing in Leondrino Company

Up to this point, all developments of the Leondrino platform were funded by the founders themselves and via two Seed Rounds and Convertible Notes by angel investors.

We have been focussing on concrete pilot situations in our lead market Germany and concentrated on developing the building blocks of our Leondrino platform. Based on increased demand from corporates and users, we want to give global brands the best possible services to issue their own digital currency via our platform and we support standards for the usage of different digital currencies of enterprises.

Leondrino is preparing a substantial round of finance. A major trigger point for the upcoming growth step of Leondrino is the European MiCA regulation (MiCAR) which is expected to foster stablecoin finance. MiCAR will become effective for stable coins in summer 2024. Coming from utility tokens as the initial form of corporate currencies, Leondrino is preparing its platform and organization to enable the highest classes of Leondrino tokens to serve as the preferred pathway for the issuance of corporate currencies in the form of stablecoins.

Interested investors are invited to contact us via the following e-mail address:

Investing in the Native Token of the Leondrino Ecosystem

The Leondrino Ecosystem needs a bridge and reserve currency in the long term. This currency is intended to support fast and fair transactions between different enterprise currencies. This native token of the Leondrino Ecosystem is called the XLEO Token. Companies can already use the XLEO as a utility token to pay their fees at Leondrino.

Since February 2021, private investors and wealth managers who work for a family office, VC or token fund and want to invest larger amounts can also invest in the XLEO Token. For further information on the XLEO Token please visit the XLEO Token info page.

Depending on the size  and date of your committment, an attractive discount is offered. You will receive information material and a contract proposal for a purchase agreement (Leondrino SAFT agreement) and/or a contract proposal to sign a loan with the option to convert into tokens after they are available for public trade (Leondrino Convertible Note). Interested investors are invited to contact via email to with the subject “XLEO Token” and the desired investment amount. We will then send you the information material and a corresponding contract proposal.

Quotations and Information about Leondrino

“With the upcoming MiCA regulation in Europe, we will see a clear path for a widespread adoption of corporate currencies like Leondrino tokens and the convergence of payment and loyalty.”

Prof. Philipp Sandner
Economist and founder of the Blockchain Center at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, a former member of the Fintech Council and the Digital Finance Forum of the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany, co-founder of the Blockchain Association and the Digital Euro Association, as well as of the podcast titled “Irgendwas mit Krypto” (translation: “Something with Crypto”).

Statements of Sandra Leonie Ritter and Peter Reuschel from Leondrino in an interview with Gereon Kruse from

Peter Reuschel: 
“Simply put, we are a service provider for issuing private currencies. Leondrino is a trademark of the Leondrino Exchange for digital currencies. Leondrino is a new class of digital currencies that combines the advantages of money supply control via central banks and the technological advantages of digital currencies including cryptocurrencies and avoids the disadvantage where possible.”

Sandra Leonie Ritter:
“We plan to introduce our own bridge and reserve currency of the Leondrino ecosystem, called XLEO. Thus, we are pursuing the following goals: we want to create liquidity at the point of sale with extremely short response times and thus raise the acceptance of new Leondrino currencies. On the other hand, we want to use our own reserve currency, in addition to fiat currencies, to do intervention support for individual Leondrino currencies e.g. in the event of attacks by competing brand currencies in the same industry. Our long-term goal is to make XLEO a very stable digital currency.”

Here you can find the complete interview:

Gereon Kruse
Founder of bö
Previously working for the investor magazine BÖRSE ONLINE for 19 years – from 2000 to the beginning of 2013 as deputy editor-in-chief. His specialty is German equities – especially small and mid caps.

“It sounded quite utopian when I heard about the Leondrino concept of private branded currencies at the TEP conference in New York in 2014. The idea of using a brand currency to create a loyal community – and finance the growth of a company as well was so disruptive and crazy that from the very start I believed it could work.
Two years later, I met the founders again, this time in Berlin. The Leondrino idea had matured to a coherent concept. The current discussion around token-based financing of startups and crypto funds demonstrates Leondrino Exchange’s potential. I am delighted that this trend is being decisively influenced by software development from Berlin.”

Cornelia Yzer
Senator for Economics, Technology and Research, Berlin, Germany (2012 – 2016)

“I do believe in the competition of private currencies as the economist Friedrich August Hayek did. If companies introduce their own currencies and their customers pay for goods and services using that branded currency, the companies get a lot of data about their customers.”

Peter Reuschel

Co-Founder and COO of Leondrino

„Currency management for their customers. Improve customer retention. Now showing their wallet. Now this is kind of interesting. It’s an AWESOME UI but what’s different is that while lots of companies have mobile wallets this seems to be a mobile wallet designed INTERNATIONAL FIRST.

The graphical interface is so good it’s hard to tell if it’s an app or browser based. I’m betting it’s browser-based. Really slick. While this is something I may never use I’m very impressed with their demo.

From their web site: Leondrino Exchange, Inc., located in New York, introduces a new type of branded virtual currencies, called Leondrino, that are related to the current and future business of global brands.

With its LEX Platform, Leondrino Exchange combines all tools and services necessary to manage the life cycle of both loyalty points and Leondrino Currencies and to meet the requirements of safety, privacy, security and regulation. The LEX Platform provides a valuable foundation for data-based business models in several industries, e.g. Financial Services, Entertainment, Energy, Transportation and Healthcare.“

Money isn’t what it used to be. Leondrino has created a whole new way of exchanging value. They are creating private virtual currencies. These are linked to well-known global brands.“ 

William Mills III
CEO of William Mills Agency and recognized leader in financial and technology marketing

“The world needs crypto money. (…) Crypto Money is reputation money. It would be desirable that sovereign central banks gain the reputation for crypto money they create in competition with other providers, rather than enforce their money in the monopoly as legal tender. “

Thomas Mayer revisits the topic crypto currencies and helicopter money in his latest article in the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung. He refers to crypto currencies as reputation money.
Leondrino is the new type of virtual currency, which combines the benefits of the monetary policy via central banks and the technological advantages of virtual currencies, including crypto currencies. Compared to other virtual currencies, Leondrino are backed by the current and projected business data of the respective brand. For each brand, Leondrino will have a customizable name, reflective of the brand name. Therefore, Leondrino are branded currencies. 
Click here for Thomas Mayer’s latest post Die Welt braucht Kryptogeld (translation: the world needs crypto currencies – this article is written in German).

Prof. Dr. Thomas Mayer
Founding Director Flossbach von Storch Research Institute

Former Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank Group and Head of Deutsche Bank Research. Previously with Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers, International Monetary Fund and Institute for the World Economy in Kiel/Germany.

“Consumers get recorded music almost for free and this triggered another revolution of the creative industry.
Exchange and transaction costs will approach zero and revolutionize the financial system.”

Sandra Leonie Ritter
Co-Founder and CEO of Leondrino