Investing in Leondrino Currencies

You can buy Leondrino currencies of our brand customers via the following ways.

For consumers and investors that don´t qualify as accredited investors:
Create your Leondrino Wallet and select the brands where you want to buy Leondrino from. Please follow the instructions how to buy Leondrino inside the Leondrino Wallet. Please be aware that the number of Leondrino you can buy depends on your user category and on the token class – see also description of token classes. As current example, please use LEAF (restaurant currency – for details check If you select LEAF inside your Wallet and press the purchasing button then you will see all payment methods and currencies that are currently supported for LEAF Leondrino.

For accredited investors, family offices, VC, Token or ICO Funds:
If you plan to invest bigger sums, please approach as directly using our email address or the investor contact data of the company that issues the Leondrino you want to invest in. You will get information material and a contract proposal for a purchasing agreement (SAFT – simple agreement on future token) and/or a contract proposal to sign a loan with the option to convert into token after they are available for public trade (also called Leondrino convertible). An attractive discount is offered depending on the size of your committment and depending on your committment date. 

Investing in Leondrino Company

Up to this point, all developments of the Leondrino platform were funded by the founders themselves and via a Seed Round and Convertible Notes by angel investors. For further details visit our company profile on Crunchbase.

We have been focussing on concrete pilot situations supported via our German Leondrino licensee and concentrated on developing the building blocks of our Leondrino platform. With the announcement of Libra, it is time to finance our next growth steps substantially. We want to give global brands the chance to issue their own digital currency via our platform and we support standards for the usage of different digital currencies of enterprises. We are already migrating an early version of our Leondrino TestNet to IBM Mainframe to be ready for scalability together with consortium partners.
Interested investors or potential consortium partners for our Leondrino MainNet are invited to contact via following e-mail address:

Meet us – we are presenting at Venture Summit NYC.