Token Classes of the Leondrino Lifecycle

All branded Leondrino Currencies are classified with a Token Class within the Leondrino Lifecycle. The token classes range from Token Class E (higly speculative; limited functionality) to Token Class A (low risk; fully public tradable digital enterprise currency).

Here is a brief overview and chronology of the Leondrino Token Classes:

Class E tokens are tokens our Leondrino Wallet users have shown interest in, but the associated brand has not made a decision on whether or not to bring its own currency to market.
Now it’s up to you!
Select the right brands and create appropriate token accounts by adding the branded token to your Leondrino Wallet! This will give you the chance to get Airdrops (gifted tokens) and strengthen the trust ranking of this token and the associated brand company.
The switch of a token into the next higher Leondrino Token Class, namely into Leondrino Token Class D, takes place as soon as the associated brand company has decided to issue its own branded currency via Leondrino.

You cannot buy tokens of token class E. But – you can earn them as follows:

  • Receive an initial Airdrop for each token you add to your Leondrino Wallet, meaning, open an account. Please note that you can add initially a maximum of 10 tokens to your wallet. This restriction will gradually be lifted, depending on how intensively you use your Leondrino Wallet.
  • Invite friends to create a Leondrino Wallet as well and get Bonus Points for each successfully invited friend. You can convert these Bonus Points into tokens of your favorite brands at any time. The more friends you invite, the more Bonus Points you can earn. For each successfully invited friend you will receive 2 bonus Leondrino. For every 5 successfully invited friends you can add another branded token to your Leondrino Wallet.
  • Your favorite brand or the desired token is not listed yet?
    Then get active and team up with like-minded people and suggest it to us. The more users suggest the same brand or token to us, the more likely it is that the brand will be listed with its token and the branded currency will become available. As soon as a brand or branded token suggested by you is listed with its token in the Leondrino Wallet, you will be informed and you can add this token to your wallet.

Tokens of Leondrino Token Class E are neither transferable to other individuals or companies nor tradable. You cannot resell them or buy any goods and services of the associated brand.
But you can express your interest in this branded currency and you acquire the right to exchange your Leondrino Token Class E tokens one to one into Leondrino Token Class D tokens if the brand company decides to issue its own branded currency and the token reaches Leondrino Token Class D.

Once a brand company seriously considers issuing its own currency and initiates a market test phase, tokens of token class E will switch into token class D. During this testing phase, you can actively support the brand company in communicating and planning to launch its branded currency and receive further tokens as Airdrops, for example, by taking part in surveys and marketing campaigns.
During the ITO Phase, such tokens can also be bought at a limited extend; namely at an equivalent of 100 Euros per transaction and 1,000 Euros per month.
Tokens of token class D are neither transferable to another individual or company nor tradable, but may be exchanged for Class C tokens if this token class is reached.
Tokens that you purchased during an ITO or earned as an Airdrop cannot be sold, but used exclusively to purchase the goods and services of the associated brand.

Tokens of token class C are eligible for restrictive trade. Restrictive trade means that you have the following trading limits due to regulatory restrictions.
The maximum amount per transaction must not exceed an amount of 250,- Euro and the volume per month is limited to 10 000,- Euro per user.
With the start of the restrictive trade, tokens that you previously purchased during an ITO or ICO can be sold only once to other Leondrino Wallet users by placing a sell order. Please note that you cannot offer your tokens below the ICO token price.
You can purchase tokens of token class C from other users through a buy order, but you can use them exclusively to purchase the goods and services of the associated brand. Reselling of tokens you purchased through a buy order is not supported for token class C tokens. This restriction will be lifted with the subsequent switch to a higher token class.

Class B tokens (like class C tokens) may be exchanged for goods and services of the respective brand company, but with an expanded range of goods and services.
Likewise, this token class can already be used for a restricted trade on the authorized exchanges. This means that you can sell tokens that you have previously purchased during an ITO or ICO or received as an Airdrop, to other Leondrino Wallet users by placing a sell order.
You can buy Token Class B tokens from other users by placing a buy order. Please note that reselling of the tokens purchased in the token class B via a buy order is only possible to a limited extent.
These restrictions are mandated by the responsible regulator and must not be disregarded.
Additionally, token class B tokens include the right to exchange them for tokens of token class A, as long as the token reaches token class A.

Token class A is the highest token class in the Leondrino Lifecycle a digital branded currency can reach .
Tokens of this token class are fully tradable assets that can be publicly traded at all authorized exchanges (see Foreign Exchange Trading) and can be used for purchases of the entire range of products and / or services of the associated brand company as well as in all locations and shops accepting this branded currency as payment method.
Potential temporary restrictions on the tradability of token class A, such as trading slowdown or resizing of the volume per transaction, are only to be expected if trading activity is disrupted by extraordinary events (suspicious activities). Such activities are monitored by the Monetary Board of the respective branded currency and actions are taken only in extreme cases.