Three Tokens you can score with in March 2021

Instead of sitting on the couch at home and waiting for the lockdown to end, get active now and take advantage of these easy-to-earn bonus tokens. With minimal effort, you can make the difference and you will even be rewarded for it.

These are the tokens you can score with in March 2021:

The LEAF Token
Leondrino Token Class C – Token Sale already started, current price per token is 0,60 Euro
The LEAF token is already being tested as part of a controlled availability in some restaurants and enables consumers to pay digitally at a discount price in participating restaurants with a purchasing power of 1 Euro. This means a 40% discount on food and drinks in participating restaurants when paying with LEAF tokens during the introduction phase.
At the same time, consumers can build up their loyalty status by paying with LEAF tokens, so that the respective restaurant can reward loyal guests with attractive loyalty bonuses.
A network of restaurants (acceptance points for medium-sized companies) is being set up via the LEAF token, which wants to connect better with its customer base via the LEAF token and together is looking for a way out of the current corona crisis.
CAMPAIGN – Anyone who opens a LEAF token account now receives 5 LEAF tokens as a reward and can receive another 5 LEAF tokens for answering a short questionnaire (valid until March 31, 2021)

The Climate Protection Token EMC
Leondrino Token Class D – Token Sale starts on April 12, 2021
The EMC (eMobility-Coin) with its focus on climate-neutral energies is particularly close to our hearts. Everyone can become an active climate protector by using this digital currency in the future, which is and can only be accepted by providers of renewable energies.
CAMPAIGN – Everyone, who opens an EMC token account now, will receive 20 EMC tokens as a reward (valid until March 31, 2021). Anyone who also invites friends will receive another 5 EMC tokens for each invitation.
Those interested can find further information about this token on the EMC Website or via the Leondrino Wallet.

The XLEO Token
Leondrino Token Class D – Token Sale just started, current price per token is 0,35 Euro
The XLEO is the native token of the Leondrino Ecosystem and is issued by Leondrino Germany. It serves as a utility token, i.e. companies and consumers can use it to pay for Leondrino Services used. The XLEO is currently supporting the financing of the development of the Leondrino Platform and the preparation of the planned Leondrino Foundation. In the long term, it will play a role as a bridge and reserve currency of the Leondrino Ecosystem. Anyone who already purchases XLEO tokens at the current introductory conditions can, in addition to price advantages for products and services at Leondrino Germany, later exchange the XLEO tokens purchased for attractive brand-specific corporate currencies.
CAMPAIGN – For a short time, 10 XLEO will be credited as a reward when you open an XLEO token account (valid until March 31, 2021).
Another 3 XLEO tokens can be earned as a reward per successfully invited friend.
Further information on the XLEO can be found on the XLEO info page.

Your Leondrino Team

Further information on the Leondrino Token Classes and other topics can be found in the help articles of our help center.