Pioneer for digital corporate currencies releases the native token of the Leondrino Ecosystem in Germany

Leondra GmbH Launches the Issuance of the XLEO Token

Leondra GmbH – the licensee for the EU market – has initiated the launch of the native token for the growing Leondrino Ecosystem.

BERLIN, March 9, 2021 – The Berlin-based company Leondra GmbH, also known as Leondrino Germany, is introducing a utility token called XLEO, which can be used for products and services of Leondrino Germany in the short term. Initially, XLEO will be sold and managed through the Leondrino Token Launch Platform before being transferred to the Leondrino MainNet later in time.

Upon transitioning XLEO to the upcoming Leondrino MainNet, the responsibility for the XLEO will be handed over to a foundation based in Europe. The long-term plan is to gradually establish the XLEO as a bridge and reserve currency within the Leondrino Ecosystem and thus for digital corporate currencies. According to the long-term roadmap, the XLEO is also expected to play a significant role in the interface between corporate currencies and public central banks.

By introducing the XLEO through Leondrino Germany in a step-by-step manner, the Leondrino founding team is consistently focusing on the German market as their leading market for corporate currencies. In particular, the introduction of the crypto custody license in Germany and the EU’s declaration of intent for innovation-friendly and leading regulation* concerning digital assets and digital currencies in 2020 played a crucial role in the decision to launch the XLEO in Germany.

“We trust that through constructive dialog between industry associations and policymakers, as well as BaFin, the Deutsche Bundesbank, and the European Central Bank, the remaining open questions regarding the regulatory classification of different approaches to digital corporate currencies and their service providers will be clarified. We aim to provide our first corporate customers and other interested parties headquartered in the EU with a path without regulatory risks for the transition from coupon-like tokens managed with traditional database systems to tokens based on crypto technology in the near future,” explains Peter Reuschel, Co-Managing Director of Leondrino Germany, regarding the decision for the German market. “The constructive dialog with representatives from politics, the ECB, and BaFin, as well as the palpable willingness to accelerate the creation of innovative frameworks for young European growth companies in the field of digital assets and digital currencies, currently gives us no reason to doubt this innovation-friendly market environment,” adds Sandra Leonie Ritter, Co-Managing Director of Leondrino Germany.

Detailed information about the XLEO and the XLEO Whitepaper can be found via the following link:

* See MiCA Initiative; MiCA – Markets in Crypto Assets

About Leondra GmbH
Leondra GmbH already serves productive customers in Germany who, according to the Leondrino lifecycle, are issuing their corporate tokens through the Leondrino platform and are aiming for the next steps towards widely tradable corporate tokens.

Founded in Berlin in 2013, Leondra GmbH is considered a pioneer in digital currencies. The name Leondrino represents a new kind of digital currency with a focus on corporations. Moreover, it aims to create a quality standard for these new digital corporate currencies through the standardization of the lifecycle of these currencies – from the gradual introduction of coupon-like tokens to the trading approval of corporate currencies. The core concept gradually implements a reserve-based approach to money supply control, combined with an acceptance obligation by the brand or corporate entity associated with the digital currency. The goal is to establish relatively stable corporate currencies and thereby foster high acceptance for the exchange of products and services from the associated corporations.

In addition to developing a powerful platform, including the Leondrino Wallet, the Leondrino MainNet (based on a consortium chain), and interfaces to external wallets and exchanges, Leondra GmbH is in the process of obtaining all necessary licenses to act as a service provider of digital corporate currencies, either directly or through strategic partnerships.


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