How to Connect your Smartphone with your Leondrino Wallet

To connect your mobile device with your Leondrino Wallet, you need two devices. Please make sure that you have another phone, tablet, or computer with you to perform the following steps:

  1. Download a corresponding authenticator app on your mobile device.
    We recommend to use our Leondrino Pay app for best user experience.
  2. Log into your Leondrino wallet on the second device.
    If you have not yet activated two-factor authentication, a QR code will be displayed to you during login process.
    Otherwise, log in as usual and open the menu item “Two-Factor Authentication” in the settings of your Leondrino user profile within your Leondrino wallet.
  3. Then open the Leondrino Pay app on your smartphone and connect it to your wallet by
    a) scanning the QR code that is displayed to you during login process on the second device.
    b) opening the menu item “Two-Factor-Authentication” within your wallet, disconnect the authenticator app you have used up to now (-> click on the trash can symbol) and then scan the QR code that is now displayed.
    If you are not able to scan the QR code, you can alternatively enter the KEY code provided in the menu item “Two-Factor-Authentication” in the settings view of your Leondrino Wallet into the corresponding entry field in the Leondrino Pay app.
  4. The Leondrino Pay app on your smartphone will now provide you with a six-digit code (OTP code).
  5. Now enter this six-digit OTP code from the Leondrino Pay app on your smartphone into the input field for the one-time password to complete the activation of the two-factor authentication and the connection of your mobile device with your wallet.
    We recommend to provide a device name to help you manage your OTP devices.
  6. Once you have successfully completed steps 1 through 4, the two-factor authentication is enabled for your Leondrino Wallet and you can use it to sign in and authorize transactions in your Leondrino Wallet using the Leondrino Pay app.

It’s that simple!
Now your Leondrino Pay App is connected to your Leondrino Wallet and from now on, you can use it for the Two-Factor-Authentication to login to your Wallet. Your Credentials for the Wallet are to be used also to login to the Leondrino Pay app. You can decide if you want to use your device’s biometric authentication to login to the app and authorize your transactions. 

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Users with existing Leondrino Wallet
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