LEAF Available as a Means Of Payment at Swiss Restaurant Group

Mannheim / Berlin / Basel, September 7, 2020 – The restaurant group Zazaa located in Basel is the first Swiss company to accept the LEAF as a means of payment. Guests can now pay for food and drinks digitally with LEAF in six restaurants in Switzerland.

After a successful test phase, payments can be made with LEAF in the restaurants of the Zazaa Restaurant Group. For example, a pita bread can be purchased for 12 LEAF instead of 12 francs. Guests only need a Leondrino Wallet with a LEAF account and the Leondrino Pay app. Before using it for the first time, guests must connect the Leondrino Pay app to their own Leondrino Wallet. The Leondrino Wallet is an e-wallet with which digital currencies and vouchers can be managed and purchased.

“The payment process with LEAF in a restaurant is done in a few seconds and works very simple by scanning a QR code at the checkout and then authorizing the payment via biometric authentication such as fingerprint or face recognition,” explains Patrick Neulinger, Managing Director of Leaf Systems GmbH. Zazaa is a digital pioneer of new innovative technology and shapes the future of the Swiss restaurant market.

The new payment method offers customers and restaurants special advantages that go far beyond traditional customer loyalty instruments. Particularly in the introductory phase, users benefit from the opportunity to purchase LEAF at preferential rates through their Leondrino Wallet. One LEAF currently corresponds to the purchasing power of one Swiss franc in a restaurant. In the long term, users should be rewarded for their loyalty through discounts at the list price. “We would like to get to know our guests better on a digital level and understand their needs better,” explains Deniz Koylu, Marketing Manager & Relationship at Asamo GmbH, the owner of the Zazaa restaurant group.

The LEAF is not only used as a payment option in Switzerland, yet. Also in Germany and Austria restaurants are already in the starting blocks.

Leaf Systems GmbH
Leaf Systems GmbH was founded in 2013 by Patrick Marksteiner, Patrick Neulinger and Shenwei Ye. The founders had set themselves the goal of improving communication and ordering processes in the catering industry. More than 1000 POS systems are now in use at more than 400 restaurants or restaurant chains. With the establishment of the LEAF network, including the introduction of the LEAF token for this network, the company is opening up to further partners and is building an entire digital ecosystem.

Leondra GmbH (Leondrino Germany)
Leondrino is a platform for issuing and managing digital currencies. Leondra GmbH offers these services as a Leondrino licensee from Berlin for companies from the EU. Based on a standardized life cycle model, companies or associations of companies can introduce their own brand tokens onto the market as so-called utility tokens in the form of a multi-purpose voucher before they expand these tokens into tradable digital currencies. Currencies, payment methods and customer loyalty instruments converge to integrated services.

Asamo GmbH (Zazaa Restaurant Group)
“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence“
is the motto and philosophy of the restaurants with Lebanese cuisine. Zazaa has every reason to expand the tables; because their specialties are different, warm and cold, meat-based, vegetarian or vegan mezzes, which they serve in different variations according to the principle of “eating and sharing together”. They offer varied, suitable, lovingly and freshly prepared drinks to go with the dishes served with warm pita bread.

Press Contacts:

Leaf Systems GmbH
Rheingoldplatz 1, 68199 Mannheim, Germany | www.leaftoken.io
Patrick Marksteiner | pm@leaf-systems.eu | +49 621 / 586782692

Leondra GmbH (Leondrino Germany)
Französische Straße 9-12, 10117 Berlin, Germany | www.leondrino.com
Peter Reuschel | peter.reuschel@leondra.de | +49 30 / 577 026 – 880

Asamo GmbH (Zazaa Restaurant Group)
Petersgraben 15, 4051 Basel, Switzerland | www.zazaa.ch
Deniz Koylu | umut@zazaa.ch | +41 76 421 1616

List of Restaurants:

  • Za Zaa, Petersgraben 15, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
  • Za Zaa, Barfüsserpl., 4001 Basel, Switzerland
  • Za Zaa, Erasmuspl. 16, 4057 Basel, Switzerland
  • Za Zaa, Spalenvorstadt 12, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
  • Hadiqa, Dornacherstrasse 252, 4053 Basel, Switzerland
  • Kleine Freiheit, Feldbergstrasse 23, 4057 Basel, Switzerland