Warning of Phishing Mails!

Dear Leondrino users,

We are currently warning of phishing emails that fraudsters use on behalf of Leondrino to request verification of the Leondrino customer account or the email account used for Leondrino. The reason for this is pending incoming emails. In this way, fraudsters try to obtain personal information and access data, or to install malicious software on the recipient’s computer, tablet or smartphone.

Example of such a phishing mail

Account information

Dear info,
You have pending incoming emails that you are yet to receive.
Access to your >>name@provider.com<< will be restricted until you confirm ownership.
>>Confirm account now<<

Note: Access to >>name@provider.com<< will be restricted within 48 (forty eight) working hours.

leondrino.com respects privacy. Review our online >>Privacy Statement<<

leondrino.com support team.

Do NOT click on the links displayed and do NOT reveal your details

Recipients of such emails should delete them immediately and under no circumstances click on the links displayed, open file attachments or enter data. 
If you have already followed the instructions of the fraudsters or entered data, we recommend that you contact the Leondrino Support Team and have your Leondrino user account blocked temporarily.
In such a case, we will check your Leondrino user account for suspicious activity and in any case recommend that you use our help to update your credentials and email address for your Leondrino user account. After a successful update, we will unlock your Leondrino user account so that you can use it again as usual.