Login problems due to 2FA

Sometimes mobile devices get lost or break down or authenticator apps are deleted from the device by accident.
If you experience any login problems because you are asked to enter an OTP code and you do not have access to your mobile device anymore, don’t panic! We are able to help you.
Please provide following data in an email to the Leondrino Support Team, that we can identify your Leondrino user in our Leondrino System without doubt to be able to reset the two-factor-authentication (2FA) for you:
  • username
  • email address you signed up with Leondrino
  • first name
  • last name
  • date of birth
  • full address details
    • street address
    • zip code
    • place
    • country
As soon as your 2FA for your Leondrino user account is reset, you will be able to see and scan a QR code during next login in order to re-connect your (new) mobile device with your Leondrino Wallet. We recommend using our Leondrino Pay app as authenticator app for an optimal user experience.