Information for STT Holders

Dear Leondrino users with STT accounts in their Leondrino Wallet,
We know that there are currently more sell orders than buy orders placed in the Leondrino Restricted Trade. This circumstance is not a bug and we, the Leondrino Team, cannot influence the order book. This is the actual supply and demand balance of the STT holders at present on Leondrino Restricted Trade.
For your information:
You bought the tokens from Staramba SE, which was restructured and renamed into NEXR Technologies SE in September 2019.
For further information visit
As far as our Leondrino team is informed, the VR platform and the use of the STT token will continue, but there will be some delay. We assume that the demand for STT will change as soon as NEXR Technologies SE can offer new products and services on its VR platform. NEXR Technologies wants to publish new information on this in the next few weeks.
If you have any requests or concerns about the money you’ve invested into STT, you need to contact NEXR Technologies SE – the seller of the token STT – directly and ask for help.
Thanks for your understanding!