What does Restricted Trade Mode mean?

Restricted Trade Mode means, that you as a user of this functionality have the following trading limits in order to stay within the regulatory restrictions in Germany:

  • the maximum amount per transaction must not exceed an amount of 250 Euro and
  • the volume per month is limited to 10 000 Euro per user.

You can sell tokens belonging to Leondrino Token Class C or higher that you previously purchased during an ITO or ICO or that you have received as an Airdrop to other Leondrino Wallet users by placing a sell order. Please note that you cannot offer your tokens below the ultimate ICO token price of the respective token.

You can purchase tokens of Token Class C from other users through a buy order and use them exclusively to purchase goods and services of the associated brand. In the Restricted Trade Mode, reselling of tokens you purchased through a buy order is not supported for Token Class C tokens. This restriction will be lifted with the subsequent switch to a higher token class.

In addition, the “markets” (currency pairs) will be released step by step; initially for the currency pairs Class C Tokens/ETH. Further currency pairs will follow as soon as they can be made available by our banking partners.

We will inform you about further functions and higher token classes before they become available.