Launch of the Leondrino Wallet at IFA 2015

Launch of Leondrino Wallet at IFA 2015

Leondrino Exchange is launching the Leondrino Wallet – the digital purse for smart phones – at IFA in Berlin

Berlin/New York, September 2, 2015. Leondrino Exchange, Inc., a New York-based FinTech startup with concept and technology roots in Berlin, offers virtual currencies that combine the advantages of a central bank’s policies with the cost ad-vantages of virtual currencies. The startup launches the inaugural version of the Leondrino Wallet at IFA 2015 in Berlin. The issuance of virtual currencies for national and global brands from the Leondrino Exchange is coming soon.

Smart phone-based electronic wallets are evolving to have the capability of handling multiple currencies. Leondrino Exchange is participating in that evolution, premiering the inaugural version of its Leondrino Wallet at this year’s IFA. The Leondrino Wallet is specifically designed to handle Leondrino Currencies and, in addition, will have the capability to be linked to online accounts at banks as well as interact with other exchange platforms.

By way of example, consumers who prefer hamburgers from a particular fast-food chain could, in the future, potentially pay with “McCoins” or “KingCoins” from their Leondrino Wallet. The advantages of such branded currencies are evident: The brand or manufacturer benefits from a more intimate loyalty experience with the customer. At the same time the customer can receive special discounts and other perks when transacting with Leondrino Currencies.

The first Leondrino Currency issuance is already being prepared for a restaurant network through Leaf Systems GmbH. And, with the launch of the Leondrino Wallet, a customer will be able to load LEAF branded vouchers into his Leondrino Wallet and enjoy benefits, including introductory offers by spending LEAF vouchers in restaurants participating in the LEAF network.

Leondrino Currencies are a new type of alternative virtual currencies. Focused on a brand-specific approach, the Leondrino Exchange offers an innovative model in the virtual currency marketplace. Leondrino Exchange, in a role similar to that of a central bank, will be responsible for supporting multiple Leondrino Currencies. Besides that, Leondrino Exchange will operate a trading platform, an exchange on which Leondrino Currencies can be traded for national currencies and other virtual currencies.

Initially, vouchers will be utilized prior to the issuance of the actual virtual currency in order for brands to have the opportunity to prepare their customers and constituencies for the release of their own currency. Early adopters and loyal customers of brands will receive immediate advantages during the voucher phase, and ongoing, for each branded Leondrino Currency through which they transact.

In addition to companies in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Leondrino Exchange is also in dialog with other organizations, including, entertainment, sports and music brands. Besides brands in these fields, there are early indications of companies in the energy and healthcare sector that have interest in the issuance of branded currencies.

Through the Leondrino Wallet, consumers will have the opportunity to select and nominate brands for which they can express interest in transacting business through that brand’s own virtual currency.

You will find Leondrino Exchange at IFA TecWatch in hall 11.1 booth 14.22 on September 4, 2015. See hall plan

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About Leondrino Exchange
Leondrino Exchange, Inc., is a FinTech startup with its roots in Berlin/Germany that was set up as a US company by Peter Reuschel (computer scientist, serial entrepreneur) and Sandra Leonie Ritter (co-founder of Leondra Music GmbH) in anticipation of regulation of virtual currencies in New York State. Leondrino Exchange will complement the monetary system by introducing Leondrino – a new type of branded virtual currencies that are backed by the current and future busi-ness of global brands. By harnessing the potential of the latest technologies, Leondrino Exchange creates added value for global brands. Leondrino are virtual currencies that are issued and administrated by Leondrino Exchange. Each Leondrino will be issued under the name of and contractually linked to each respective brand. These Leondrino Currencies will be a medium of exchange for goods and services and can be traded for national currencies such as the US-Dollar or the Euro as well as for other virtual currencies.

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