Leondrino Exchange Starts with an Office in NY

Next FinTech startup establishes its HQ in New York:

Leondrino Exchange – The Future Issuer of Branded Virtual Currencies

Berlin/New York, December 15th, 2014. Leondrino Exchange, a FinTech start-up with its roots in Berlin, focuses on a new type of virtual currency. The company will exploit the advantages of crypto currency technology and combine it with the trustworthy environment of upcoming regulation for virtual currencies in the State of New York.

Leondrino Exchange will take advantage of the developing legislation, out of New York, for the issuance and administration of virtual currencies. Leondrino is a new type of virtual currency, using the groundbreaking and technological opportunities of crypto currencies, which allow for exchange with traditional (“fiat”) currencies, for the benefit of companies to support and market their brand. In contrast to other virtual currencies, Leondrino currencies are specifically aligned and identified with the respective brands. The “mining” of money and to some extent the control of the money supply are based on existing and planned business data of each company’s respective brand. Each Leondrino currency is named after the respective brand.

The Leondrino Exchange will follow a conservative monetary policy, which is oriented towards monetary stability. Initially, Leondrino Exchange will focus on currencies for global entertainment brands. The company is going to operate a trading platform, on which Leondrino currencies can be exchanged with fiat currencies. Leondrino Exchange will also be open for cooperation with other trading platforms.

“As a consequence of the pioneering efforts of the New York State Department of Financial Services regarding the legislative initiative to regulate virtual currencies, we decided to establish our headquarters in New York“, explains Sandra Leonie Ritter, co-founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange, Inc..

Originating from Berlin, Leondrino Exchange was established as an U.S. corporation in November 2014. Leondrino Exchange, Inc. will apply for admission as an issuer of Leondrino currencies as soon as practicable (expected for Q2 2015). In the interim, the company is proceeding with the development of the software platform, and preparing the first entertainment brands for the issuance of their currencies.

“With our move to the U.S. we can take full advantage of New York as a world leading financial center, gain access to venture capital, and access to highly qualified talent. We also plan to expand our development team in Berlin“, added co-founder Peter Reuschel.

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For further information about the “Bitlicense Regulatory Framework for Virtual Currency Business” of the New York State Department of Financial Services see
http://www.dfs.ny.gov/about/press2014/pr1407171.html (press release)
http://www.dfs.ny.gov/about/press2014/pr1407171-vc.pdf (regulation proposal)

About Leondrino Exchange
Leondrino Exchange, Inc., a FinTech startup with its roots in Berlin/ Germany, established a Delaware corporation headquartered in New York in November 2014. The company introduces Leondrino: a new type of virtual currency, which is backed by the current and future generated business of global brands. By exploiting the potential of new technologies, Leondrino Exchange creates added value for global brands. Leondrino are issued for each eligible brand and will be named after this brand and are controlled by Leondrino Exchange. These individually branded Leondrino will be used as a medium for the exchange of goods and services and will be interchangeable with fiat currencies as well as other virtual currencies. The monetary policy for all types of Leondrino will be conservative and value-driven in order to be competitive with other assets. The aim of the Leondrino Exchange is to establish Leondrino as the most trusted type of virtual currency.

Presse Contact:
Sandra Leonie Ritter
CEO/Managing Director

Leondrino Exchange Inc.
75 Broad Street, 21st Floor,
New York, NY 10004

Phone USA: +1 (212) 584 9707
Phone D: +49 (0)30 – 577 026 881
Mobile: +49 (0)177 – 866 77 44

eMail: slritter@leondrino.exchange
Web: www.leondrino.exchange

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