Important Milestone Reached While Porting Leondrino MainNet on IBM Mainframe

Parity on IBM mainframe with LinuxOne successfully tested for the first time

We are happy to announce that we have finally got Parity running on LinuxOne. Now we can test the current beta version of the Leondrino MainNet on multiple nodes and progressively optimize it on the latest generation of IBM mainframes.

By reaching this milestone, we have come a step closer to our goal of building a technical infrastructure for digital currencies suitable for the mass market. During first quarter of 2020, we want to set up a test version of the MainNet as a consortium chain together with first data center partners to perform further tests. In parallel with the clarification of regulatory issues of the highest Leondrino token classes, concrete next steps with our German pilot customers are planned.

In addition to the test and deployment of Leondrino, we want to offer our platform components also for the implementation of the planned digital Euro.

Thanks to the IBM Lab Böblingen and to all involved team members and experts for supporting to reach this milestone.