What is an OTP Code and where can I find it?

The OTP Code (one-time password code) is one of two required authentication factors within the two-factor authentication, which is required according to the European directive PSD2 (Payment Services Directive Two) for customer authentication by September 2019.

The OTP Code is generated by a so-called authenticator app, which you install on your smartphone or other mobile device - similar to the transaction number (TAN) in a banking app - and is requested by Leondrino at login in addition to the access data (username, password) and for token purchases or transactions with Leondrino to authorize payments. The objective of PSD2 (Payment Services Directive Two) is to make payments on the Internet safe.

For an optimal user experience, we recommend to use our Leondrino Pay app as authenticator app. As soon as you have installed the Leondrino Pay app on your smartphone and connected it to your Leondrino Wallet, the app shows you a newly generated six-digit OTP code when you open menu item OTP code. Please enter this six-digit code into the corresponding entry field during login process to authenticate yourself with the required second factor.