What is the Leondrino Risk Score?

All branded Leondrino Currencies (tokens) that can be selected in the Leondrino Wallet are classified with the Leondrino Risk Score.

The Leondrino Risk Score is calculated by an algorithm taking into account

  • The current token class of the branded token according to the Standard Leondrino Lifecycle.
  • Available data of the associated company issuing the token, such as
    • since when the company exists,
    • is it a publicly traded company or not,
    • the business model / sales model of the company
    • data on products / services that can be paid for with the branded token in the coming years and their product maturity,
    • the company’s digital reach,
    • information on potential reputational incidents of the company in the recent past.
  • Data related to the market in which the company operates:
    • Availability of alternative products / services (intensity of competition)
    • Degree of the market entry barrier
  • Certain attributes of the defined or forecast token economics.

The Leondrino Risk Score scale ranges from E (highest risk) to AAA (lowest risk).

Important note on Token Class E tokens:

Class E tokens are tokens in which Leondrino Wallet users have shown keen interest, but the associated brand company has not yet decided as to whether to bring this currency to the market at all. This means that the brand company associated with the token has not yet signed a contract with a Leondrino licensee and has not yet made a letter of intent to issue its token via Leondrino. The risk assessment for tokens of token class E only provides an indication of the token’s potential through the associated brand company.

The Leondrino Risk Score is only a subjective measure for the token in connection with the associated brand company. This risk score is calculated based on available information and estimates without claim of completeness and without certainty. The Leondrino Risk Score was developed to provide supportive information. We recommend that investors conduct their own due diligence prior to each token selection.