Next Brand Launches Token Sale on June 20, 2018

The next company, the publicly listed Staramba SE, will offer its token for a limited public sale on 20 June 2018. The goals of the token sale are to raise capital and build a community for Staramba’s virtual world, STARAMBA.spaces.

The STARAMBA.Token (SST) will become the branded currency for STARAMBA.spaces, Staramba’s mind-blowing social VR network where users can meet and interact with their favorite stars from sports, music, and entertainment.

The STARAMBA.Token as an integral part of STARAMBA.spaces shall incentivize users for product views, provide brands and advertisers access to customers and offer celebrities new opportunities to increase their sales.
On STARAMBA.spaces, users become part of the data trade and participate in the profits. You can contribute to this goal by selecting this branded currency now and buying in later phases and using STARAMBA.Token within the STARAMBA.spaces in the future.