Strategic Partnership for Enterprise Solutions Based on Blockchain Technology

BigchainDB, Tymlez and Leondrino Exchange Join Forces to Meet Demand of Enterprises

NEW YORK, THE HAGUE, BERLIN, September 21, 2016  – BigchainDB, Tymlez and Leondrino Exchange have formed a strategic partnership to build blockchain infrastructure and applications for enterprises.

Leondrino Exchange, Inc. issues and administers branded virtual currencies for enterprises to increase customer engagement and give more monetary policy control to companies. Tymlez and BigchainDB will bring their know-how in blockchain infrastructure, tooling and applications.

The hype around blockchain has raised the interest of many enterprises, not only from the financial services sector but also from other industries. Enterprises are asking whether the unique characteristics of blockchain and cryptocurrency can be leveraged for their needs. Given the early maturity of the blockchain space, enterprises want to use blockchain technology within private or consortium chains which can meet their requirements for scalability, security, privacy, governance and interoperability.

Leondrino Exchange, Inc., offers services to corporations that want to create their own loyalty schemes and private branded currencies. Supported by Leondrino Exchange’s LEX Platform, an enterprise or brand can issue vouchers, loyalty points or private branded currencies. The LEX Platform enables enterprises to experiment and gain early wins using blockchain technology and to integrate with existing legacy systems. Loyalty points and vouchers increase customer engagement while private branded currencies will give enterprises via Leondrino Exchange more monetary policy control over their global ecosystem and allows them to automate certain processes with blockchain networks and smart contracts.

“Customers from both the U.S. and Europe are excited to explore the capabilities of our LEX Platform to manage smart loyalty programs and to prepare for the issuance of their branded virtual currencies,” said Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondrino Exchange Inc. “We’re pleased to form a strategic partnership with BigchainDB and Tymlez. With their deep experience in blockchain infrastructure and development capacity we can serve our clients faster.”

The LEX Platform will be supported by BigchainDB, a scalable blockchain database and Tymlez Software and Consultancy BV, a company that builds tools and services to enable blockchain technologies for enterprise customers. The three partners see blockchain technology as a driver to fundamentally rethink the underlying infrastructure of how business is conducted and see this partnership as a testament to that.

About Leondrino Exchange, Inc.
Leondrino Exchange, Inc., located in New York, introduces a new type of branded virtual currencies, called Leondrino, that are related to the current and future business of global brands.
With its LEX Platform, Leondrino Exchange combines all tools and services necessary to manage the life cycle of both loyalty points and Leondrino Currencies and to meet the requirements of safety, privacy, security and regulation. The LEX Platform provides a valuable foundation for data-based business models in several industries, e.g. Financial Services, Entertainment, Energy, Transportation and Healthcare.

About Tymlez Software and Consultancy BV
Tymlez Software and Consultancy BV, based in Amsterdam, focuses on the selection and development of tools and technologies to build a smart enterprise blockchain platform. Based on strong and proven IT leadership experience with global players, it builds blockchain-based solutions for enterprises that integrates with existing mission critical applications.

About BigchainDB GmbH 
BigchainDB is unlocking the promise of blockchains by giving them scale, using distributed database technology. BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications with a scalable blockchain database. BigchainDB targets a wide range of industries and use cases from identity and intellectual property to supply chains, energy and financial ecosystems. With high throughput, sub-second latency and Simple Contract functionality to automate business processes, BigchainDB looks, acts and feels like a database but has the core blockchain characteristics that enterprises want.

For additional information please contact:

Leondrino Exchange, Inc.:
Peter Reuschel
U.S.: +1 646 941 1338
Europe: +49 30 577 026 880

Tymlez Software and Consultancy BV:
Michael Reh
Phone: +31 643854458

BigchainDB GmbH:
Carly Sheridan
Phone: +49 30 6482 6092