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We provide Currency-Management-as-a-Service and guidance for the full lifecycle of private branded currencies – from branded Tokens for brand purchases to branded legal tender currency.

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Why now is the right time to start
The timing is crucial for the growth and success of new ideas. Timely launch of innovation can create a competitive advantage. Historically, there have been few, if any innovative ways to acquire growth capital for startups, certainly none without giving out shares. With the development of blockchain technology and evolution of cryptocurrences, there is exciting movement in the financing market. And it’s not only startups that can benefit from the new technology. Established companies can strengthen customer retention with new campaigns, gain valuable consumer information and stimulate growth.

All the market indicators are pointing to NOW as: the right time to prepare for your innovative ICO! The earliest growing pains are behind us, interest continues to grow, and the opportunity is still new enough that your organization will stand out and set you apart and above your competition. That’s why startups should initiate a plan to introduce their own Leondrino Token and begin to build their community and prepare to launch their ICO.

The special thing about Leondrino Exchange: We look beyond the money. We have developed a new way to finance growth for start-ups that is different from traditional cryptocurrencies. Because we support start-ups not only to accumulate growth capital via their own currency, but also to increase the brand value, increase the customer loyalty bond and offer value beyond the currency.

Startups and enterprises who are interested in exploring their own currency lifecycle opportunity including ICO launch and want to learn more, please contact us directly via the contact form below.

How does a double dip success story work?
With Leondrino we bring a new type of digital currency to the market. We combine the technological advantages of digital money (cryptocurrencies) with the advantages of monetary supply rules. In contrast to other digital currencies, Leondrino are based on the real current and projected business data of each individual respective brand. Each branded Leondrino will have a custom name, as chosen by each brand’s organization. Leondrino is able to issue an unlimited number of branded currencies, each with its own monetary policy, unique to that brand. For the “first dip”, each organization will be able to initiate new innovative campaigns using their branded currency to drive new business, reward loyal customers and incentivize new purchases. The “second dip” is achieved by using branded currency to build a brand-centered customer community, creating added value for their consumers as well as generate growth capital for their business.

The money supply of each branded currency will be based on the unique monetary policy that is coordinated with the brand organization and clearly communicated to all those participating in acquiring and transacting with that branded currency. With monetary policies uniquely established, Leondrino Exchange will create branded currencies that

  1. have a limited volatility,
  2. retain value in relation to the brand’s value, and
  3. can be used globally for products under a brand’s umbrella.

Double Success at a Glance:

Capital and Growth

  • access to investors
  • growth capital from fans and investors via Leondrino Exchange, without issuing equity, based on an attractive, long-term loan agreement (up to 70% of the proceeds when currency is issued)
  • full control over copyright and similar brand-related rights (in connection with intellectual property)

Brand Loyalty and Growth

  • advanced opportunities around loyalty management capabilities based on additional and superior consumer specific data points (details of each purchase via branded currency is captured and can be used for many purposes, including support of predictive modeling).
  • reinforcement of the brand value and fan / customer relationship – increasing the bond between the consumer and the brand.
Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise – we will supportyour ICO

To establish our private branded currencies, called Leondrino, we have developed a specific lifecycle that allows brands to market test first, using unregulated tokens  in an Initial Token Offering (ITO), which sets the stage as preparation for the actual ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and the future Initial  (Public) Leondrino Offering (ILO). In addition to the currency-related regulatory requirements associated with the support we provide in advance of an ILO, our focus is also on the requirements that organizations have for the design of their individual brand community. In particular, our collective focus is on customer retention and customer expansion via innovative loyalty programs, driven by their Leondrino branded currency. Using branded currencies special offers and incentives can be promoted and enabled via the branded currency. With each transaction digitally captured, Leondrino Exchange can provide additional support and insight for the brand through the gathering of information at the point of sale. Many questions have to be addressed throughout the branded currency lifecycle, especially when preparing for each phase of issuance of the ITO, ICO and ILO. Content and a Leondrino Catalog also has to be developed suitable for the brand and attractive to the branded currency holder. To help organizations and brand’s leadership achieve this, we provide Currency Management-as-a-Service (CMaaS) as well as guidance and consulting for all elements and phases of the full Leondrino Lifecycle.

Our CMaaS includes, among other things, the following contents:

Business Design: We define, together with you, the business concept to shape your brand community based on your own branded currency. This includes, among other things

  • the definition of the target groups and region(s) for launch,
  • the configuration of first token/currency transactions, including resulting value for the target groups,
  • the determination of the issuing volume for each phase,
  • the definition of the rollout plan including marketing integration, and
  • the drafting of relevant documents that are state of the art for an ICO (e.g. a publishable whitepaper).

Ensure Security: The introduction of a private branded currency involves legal and security-related issues. Attention should be paid to regulatory requirements, data protection – a sensitive subject – and also capital requirements. Specialists are needed for this. Our network of specialized attorneys can offer you the necessary advice.

Integrate Technology: Through our LEX platform, we ensure that all relevant systems and applications can be integrated. This includes for example your CRM system as this is the supporting pillar of customer management of virtually all organizations, as well as the integration to external service providers such as payment providers or partners relevant to your community network.

Promote Ideas: Marketing and PR strategy is crucial, especially when a new branded currency is introduced and the associated consumer community is initially growing. This is particularly true for startups that face the general challenges of making their company known to the market. Established organizations also need a credible brand presence that connects their traditional brand world with new digitally oriented communites. Together with our partners, Leondrino Exchange provides the support you need – from the design of a special landing page, to support in drafting of a complimentary social media campaign to making branded currency core to your PR (and growth) strategy.

Attract Investors: Leondrino Exchange has a global network of business angels and investors that is expanding constantly. Depending on your token phase within the Leondrino Lifecycle, Leondrino Exchange can provide support to help you get in touch with the right people, and provide guidance in presenting your Leondrino branded currency to potential investors. Through the distribution rules that are established in the Leondrino Lifecycle, we strive to ensure a balance between a volume distribution of your branded currency in the target area/group and investors/speculators (the result is low volatility). Leondrino Exchange therefore can support you in the field of investor relations as well, which supports your brand value and your brand community growth.

From ITO via ICO to ILO: Each phase in the Leondrino Lifecycle has unique requirements. We have minimized potential risks and developed new concepts to improve the brand value, to introduce new offers in the market, and to strengthen customer retention and bind suppliers as well as partners and investors more closely to the brand. At the same time, we are constantly expanding our network, which will enable us to offer our customers expert consulting services on all requirements regarding opportunities in this innovative, evolving branded currency market.

The LEX Network

Together with our partners, we offer our service for startups and established companies as required.


Unique concept for the introduction of a digital branded currency tailored for each organization


Guidance on legal and security-related issues associated with ITO, ICO and ILO


(such as CRM, eCommerce, ERP)

Marketing & PR

Marketing and PR support throughout the entire Leondrino Lifecycle (including landing page and social media strategy)

Investor Relations

Establishment of reporting structures
for digital currencies in addition to standard Investor Relations

For Analysts & Investors

Assessment methods based on token phase and industry, as well as exchange of experience on emerging peergroups

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